Monday, September 15, 2014

Why do you read blogs?

It may seem a bit of a silly question but I'm curious: why do you read blogs? And what kinds do you read?

There are the obvious travel blogs that perhaps let us escape our normal routine for something a bit more exotic and colorful. The fashion blogs, that either help inspire our wardrobes or at least allow us to feel like we're somewhat in the know when it comes to fashion. And of course, cooking/baking blogs - need I say what those are for? And those are all great.

I follow 84 blogs on Bloglovin', of which only about half are actually active (posting at least once a week). Most I follow because I enjoy the content, the writing style, and/or the photography; some I follow because I do not enjoy the content or writing style (just being honest) and I like to read them every now and then to make sure I'm not slipping in to similar patterns. But to be honest, I'm starting to feel like blogs are becoming all to similar. What do you think? Why do you read blogs? What keeps you coming back to certain ones?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

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