Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's try this again

I’m so embarrassed. The last however many posts are all filled with empty promises to keep writing! Shame! The only way to get going again, though, is just to start writing; so, that is exactly what I am going to try and do.

I can’t really begin to describe all that has gone on in the past few months (fam visited, Durban, Cape Town, my roommate from college came to visit, classes started, a week long holiday, classes started again, etc.), so I think the best thing I can do at this point is just go from here.

At the exact moment, I’m feeling slightly under the weather and am hoping to get in bed early, read (The Hunger Games – anyone else reading it?!) and fall asleep quickly! So here are a few bullet points about my life here in South Africa, which will hopefully be followed up with by detailed posts soon:

1.       Classes end in SIX weeks! That means I’m almost done with my internship here-CRA-ZY!
2.       It’s spring! And summer is coming! (So exciting, but weird.)
3.    I saw wild penguins in Cape Town.
4.       Lots going on with my fam stateside – things that make it hard to be away from them right now.
5.       My South African boyfriend (I haven't actually mentioned that one here yet ;) his post debut!) is coming to the states for Christmas!!
6.    I went to the bottom of the world - well, almost. 
7.    If classes are ending and my internship is coming to an end, that means I’m back on the job hunt. Sigh.

And here just a few favorites from the past month or two. :)

Penguins in Simon's Town!!

Paige Chisholm, everyone.

Here is! My boyfriend. :)

At the edge of the world (almost).

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  1. Aw you two are adorable together! Great pictures!


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