Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being human is cool

So, one of the reason I've been having a hard time getting going on my blogging again is because I wanted to have a clear direction and purpose for it before I just started writing. But that's proving difficult. And more because life is busy and tiring. But I'm trying. One thing that I want to write about is current events/life. So on that note, I just want to show you a picture I found on the front of the New York Times.

I love the news. Even though a lot of it can be negative and sad, I love knowing what's going on and even the sad the stuff at least makes me feel human. This picture is of an elderly Afghan man after an American citizen opened fire in Afghanistan. An American citizen. Not an Afghan person or a member of the Taliban. And in Afghanistan. Doesn't that surprise you? Americans are often so afraid of people in other countries and what dangers there may be, yet our own citizens are just as vulnerable hurt, pain, suffering, anger, etc. What made that US service member open fire? I don't know, but that Afghan man is now experiencing the same sadness and loss any of us can feel on a given day. So whether it's deep loss or great joys, we're all the same. Isn't that cool?

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