Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy Worker's Day! Or at least I think that's what the holiday is today, here in South Africa. Friday was Freedom Day. We've had, I think, six holidays here in the month of April, but before you think we're completely spoiled...this will be our last one until September. So, I have already taken advantage of it by sleeping in and now the rest of the day will be spent sitting here and seeing The Avengers, all with the boyfriend. :)

Sometimes, living on the other side of the world is still very weird to me. It's weird that we're in autumn while the States are in spring. It's weird that I have the day off but no one outside of this country does. It's weird that a lot of my friends are looking forward to summer vacation and I'm...well, not. (But that probably has more to do with having a grown up job than anything.) Although I do love having a grown up job, it has been hard getting my life in order; meaning: balancing work and sleep and church activities and down time, etc. I'm getting there...this last day off is helping substantially. Part of getting there is getting back into my blogging. Not just writing consistently but making it something that people want to read.

Any suggestions? What do you like to read about? What's something that you think is missing in the blogging world? Or what would you like to hear more about from South Africa?

I thought I'd leave with some photos of our preteen group from church at Kids Club. A few weeks ago, the preteens gave out packs of chips and sweets for the kids. It was so sweet!

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