Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life happens

Hi all!

It’s always intimidating picking up blogging again, after I’ve been out of it for any length of time. And usually long breaks are not because life is no longer filled with…well, life; actually, quite the opposite. There has been so much going on! Some of it has been wonderful and happy, some of it not. My mom recently commented on my Facebook page and said that my life looks so amazing (on Facebook); and often, I agree…my life is amazing! J I know that even in hard times, I am so blessed. But the hard things in life happen everywhere…sickness, death, testing times…even here in South Africa. I'm not going to share everything that has been going on, but saying what I just did and anything else I might share – I share in order to hopefully encourage you that: you are normal. I’m normal. Sometimes life is so fun and great and other times it’s not; that happens to everyone. And hopefully, knowing that we all experience ups-and-downs, strengthens us a bit more in the downs, to keep persevering – to let the tough times refine you, strengthen you, and help you see the good things in life. I know it helps me. (I’m always a basket case until I talk to a friend and find out that my feelings, situation, etc is not new.) I hope I don’t sound all doom-and-gloom; I want to be relatable. J

So here are some of the great things that have been going on: My major award redeemed, Bon Jovi LIVE (O.M.G!), and a quick trip to Cape Town! Hope you’re seeing the good things in your life right now…share some with me! What are they? 


Taking advantage of a dinner that is normally very much out of our budget - all from my major award! :)

Restaurant: Tribes

So much food!

Our Bon Jovi group! So much fun to go with so many friends!

It was REALLY cold that night, and it was an open air stadium! But it added to the excitement. :)

The stadium as it was filling up. We were all the way in the back - but the back and sides were also completely full. 

Far away, but there he is!! I've wanted to see him in concert for so long!

Isn't this picture crazy/so impressive?! I've heard there were 90,000 people there!

So excited!

And on a totally different note: I traveled to Cape Town for work last week. It was such a fast trip and I didn't have time to do anything but work, but I sure did enjoy my 5 star room! Too bad hubby couldn't come!

I thought this was so cute! Each room had a teapot and kettle, plus a box of teas, hot chocolates, and coffees to choose from. I know a lot of places do something like this, but it just seemed extra cute here! One day when we have a guest bedroom, I want to put something like this in there for our guests! :)



Yeah, I was really excited. 

The hotel is on a wine farm. This is the view from my room of the vineyards, at dawn.

How cute?! And look at those stunning roses!

Flying back to Joburg at sunrise. Just thought the mountains were beautiful. 

And I hope you don't mind seeing one more...

Love him. 


  1. Liz!! You are so absolutely beautiful, as are the photos you shared, as are your thoughts and perspective on the ups and downs of life. A blog comment can't capture how your positivity and relatability has impacted me - and continues to! I wish I could be there for your wedding, and am so utterly excited for you!

    All the best!!

  2. Aw, thanks so much Becky!! Miss you! Hope all is well. :)

  3. Beautiful photos!


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