Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Christmas Surprise!

You know the song, "I'll be home for Christmas"? Pretty song, but it's never had much meaning to me. This year, however, it's never meant more.

It all started a few weeks ago…

(Ok, so I have to be honest: I tried so hard to make a poem based on "T'was the Night Before Christmas", to relay this great, Christmas surprise. But alas, I don't think poetry is one of my gifts. Ok, I don't think, I know. So I'll just stick to non-rhyming words.)

I kind of always miss my family. The feelings of distance and missing out on things never really goes away; it either wains or gets stronger depending on holidays, events, etc.

So, a few weeks before Christmas, the feelings of missing home were in full swing. But I let myself cry them out a little bit and then try to move on, like always. But my ever so sweet husband was extremely intuitive and made the most wonderful suggestion.

"What if you go home for a few days over the holidays?"

The idea was nice but totally not plausible, I thought.

"Let's just look at ticket prices."

So, we did. At first, they were shocking. I mean, an arm and a leg and 10-years of servitude shocking. But we tried a travel agent to see if she could find anything better, and lo and behold, she did! God bless her. I was still on the fence about it for various reasons, but next thing I knew, hubby had booked the ticket! This whole thing - the discussion of getting ticket and then actually booking one - happened in a matter of two days. Since no one knew that any of this happened, we thought, "What if we can keep it a surprise from my family and I just rock up on Christmas Day?!"

And that is what I have done!

It's the evening of Christmas Day and I am at home in Florida with my family! :) We actually ended up telling my dad but kept it a secret from my mom, my brother, and some family friends from SA who are actually here as well. To say they were beyond surprised is an understatement. This is definitely the happiest and most exciting Christmas I think I've ever had. Although I would totally have given my other arm, leg, and another 10 years of servitude for hubby to be here also, I am inexpressibly grateful for this gift of extra time with my family. I am so aware that I am far beyond blessed to have such a sacrificial, generous, and thoughtful husband! (Thank you, lovie!! :) And, I think it is another step of gumption for me. My husband is full of it, but once again, it rubbed off on me and I flew through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all the way home! It things like this that make life memorable and invigorating.

I hope your Christmas Day has been filled with family, hope, and joy; wherever you are in the world. :)

Merry Christmas,

PS - I have to add another point for gumption! I flew with Virgin Atlantic and when I boarded the plane on Christmas Eve, everyone was given the option to sing a Christmas song in front of everyone and possibly win a free upgrade to first class. So I mustered as much courage as I could fine, sang my best version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" and enjoyed 10 hours on a full size twin bed with a duvet in first class! Merry Christmas. :)


  1. That's so wonderful! How did you end up surprising your mom? I love stories like this : )

  2. Finish it Elizabeth and tell us about Ann's reaction.

  3. Oh my goodness, she was so excited! Shocked, really. :) Some friends recorded it as I walked in, so I will try and get it to post it here. It was so exciting and special! Even my brother got teary eyed. :)


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