Thursday, January 1, 2015

For the new year ahead

2015 has started off as a beautiful and brilliantly sunny day here in Miami. A day like this reminds me - almost forces me - to see the good around me and in my life.

The past six months (which is how long we've been living in the US now) have felt like an entire year to us. There have been many moments to cherish, moments filled with happiness, fun, love, and hope.  There have also been a lot of really challenging and difficult moments. Moving continents is no joke and is filled with a unique set of trials.
As this opportunity for a new beginning is upon us, I find myself filled with a strange mix of hope and eagerness, yet an awareness that not everyone is entering the new year filled with joy and zeal for a new start. Even I can, at times, be faced more with intimidation and fear for what another year may hold; rather than overwhelmed with the tremendous possibilities of excitement, adventure, and growth.
I know our (mine and yours) moments of difficulty aren't over...I am gradually learning and accepting that pain is a necessary reality of life that will never ceae. But I also am growing in my ability to emotionally rise above that - to gather information from hard times (and gumption!) and use it to become a better disciple, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. There is always hope because the Lord's compassions are new every morning (Lamentations 3:21-22).

I hope that wherever this post finds you this first day of January 2015, that it brings you some hope and encouragement for the year ahead; for the good that can and will be found.

Happy New Year!

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