Friday, December 21, 2012

The newly wed

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged (and I was ok with that – I decided during our engagement that I would just put blogging on hold till after we got married) and I have to admit: it is a bit difficult to get back into. Difficult because of the time and effort it takes (or at least that I want to put into it), but also because there’s lots of craziness to write about and catch up on.

The past six months have been wonderful, a blur, exhausting, fun, emotional, and everything else you can think of (including a bit nauseating at times – but that may or may not have had anything to do with life circumstances. Ever heard of a bride who was told to gain weight?). And the past two weeks have been amazing, emotional, and a transition.

I’ll try to provide a bit of a catch up on the past six months, but mostly, I'll just have to go from here.

I am a newly married (to the most wonderful man, who happens to have an irresistible accent!), 24-year old, American, living in South Africa. I love God, my husband, traveling, writing, baking, Moleskin products, and other things. I hope you like some of these, or my life musings, and would like to follow along – I tend to think my life is pretty extraordinary.
Until next time when I should have wedding photos(!)~
The newly wed,
Elizabeth Fulton


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  1. You were told to gain weight - wow! So happy for you and am looking forward to following along :)


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