Friday, January 25, 2013

Blogging rules


Sorry for my absence this week. I got sick early on in the week and managed to muster the strength to get to work on Friday (woohoo - can you hear the sarcasm?), and at the moment, that's the only place where I have internet access. (Side note: I hate getting sick in summer. It just doesn't feel right. Winter is understandable, however. Anyone agree with me?)

I'll keep posting wedding photos soon, but I want to share a post from another blog that I read. Dinner: A Love Story is a blog all about dinners: what to cook, dinner table topics, etc. Jenny Rosenstrach writes practically, encouragingly, and about some really cool recipes. Unlike me, she studied something related to writing in college, so she's got a jump start on a lot of us in the blogging department. But she wrote this post about nine of her blogging "rules". I think they are fantastic! I will be slowly trying to implement them one by one here. :)

Read her thoughts here .

What do you think of them? Are you a professional writer? Amateur? Famous blogger wanna-be?

And also, I've left you a few sweet images for the weekend; try them out or just drool over them.


I'm taking a cupcake making class this Saturday! Maybe I'll learn to make this!

Or these! I'll always take anything made with white chocolate.

And do these not scream summer?! Sorry Northern Hemispherians; it's summer here in the south. Something you can look forward to. :)

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