Monday, November 18, 2013

So much greatness is ahead!

Two months.

Two months is not a long time, really. But two months is a fairly long time not to blog and actually, a lot can happen (and has happened) in two months.

Thanks so much to everyone who has asked “where” I’ve been or told me they missed reading posts here. It encourages me and inspires me so much more than you know.

Since the last time I wrote, probably the two biggest and most immediate happenings over on our little side of the world are:
- I got a new job!! (This has been a TREMENDOUS blessing) and
- Hubby is almost (like TOMORROW-almost) done with final exams and done with university!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am that G is almost finished! It has been a long few weeks (in terms of finals) for both of us…obviously, he’s doing all the hard work (and an absolutely brilliant job, I must add) but I’ve kind of felt like I’m missing my husband. He’s not totally himself when he’s this busy and ever so slightly stressed. And neither am I. So, it will be so wonderful to have both of us “back to normal”. :)

Also, on the first of October, I started a new job. This has been a gift from God. For various reasons, I very much needed to get out of my other job. Naturally, though, I couldn’t resign until I had another job lined up. After searching and praying, and God just being incredibly kind to me, I have started something that I am enjoying so much! It is pretty out of my norm and skill set, but it might just end up being my future career (if blogging doesn’t work out). ;)

I’ve been learning a lot over the past two months. A lot of life lessons, a lot of marriage lessons, and a lot about myself. It’s been challenging but amazing. I hope to share some of these lessons and discoveries in the days to come. But one of the most exciting realizations I’ve had is about how much I love blogging. Not just love, but it’s one of the few things I can see myself doing everyday, for almost ever, and it’s one of the things in life that “gets me going”. Not going in an irritated or angry way, but going as in pushing me to keep growing, trying, and push passed the tiredness that can build up in life. I think everyone needs that. So, I started taking an e-course on blogging that is awesome! It’s been helping me define the purpose and future of my blog so much more and I seriously can’t wait to unveil the betterments over the course of the near future!

Thank you so much for sticking with me! Whoever you are – whether you read every post I write or just one every now and then; whether you comment or just observe silently – I am so grateful for you. You are making my dream job a developing reality. I hope you keep coming back, for many years to come. So much greatness is ahead!


  1. Great post as always. Thank you for being real and yourself. I wish you the best with your new job. Also, I cannot wait to see you guys. Is the plan still the same for the future? I am thinking about the both of you a lot. But especially you Elizabeth. I know what it is like to feel far away from those I love, but I have learned to be very grateful and content to be where I am. And only time, and God's wisdom will give you that sense of peace.
    I miss you my friend.

  2. My husband is in graduate school now, so I feel your pain...we have at least two more years. From what he tells me, they appreciate our love and support through the process more than we know.
    And I'm so intrigued about the jobs...past and present. You didn't at all say what you did in either of them (maybe that content is in past blogs), but I'm curious why you needed to go from the one and what you are doing in this one that you could see yourself doing as a career. There may be reasons why you can't share and I understand if that's the case, but...intriguing, nonetheless. Keep it up :)

  3. I'll try and share more soon. :) Thanks for the thoughts and sharing my excitement!


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