Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foggy Londontown

I'm in London! This is only my second time here...the first time was this past summer and I spent 15 minutes in the city. Yes, 15. This time I get NINE hours in the city! Maybe one day I'll spend an ENTIRE day here - what a concept!

I love London. It's one of the few places that I have always felt immediately at home in. That might not make any sense considering I've never even spent the night in the place, but some places just feel like home. New York is another one of the places I feel that way about.

I'm doing ok so far, not too tired. I got a grand total of maybe three hours of sleep, on the plane ride here. So even though I'm think I'm feeling and thinking normally, please excuse any typos or incoherency - is that a word? I'm thinking that if I exhaust myself today, then maybe I'll sleep most of the way to Joburg. The flight is somewhere around 10 hours, so I definitely have lots of time. 

Ok, I'm going to go enjoy the city!


  1. I love it! And you are up to 10 followers :) Have fun; be safe.

  2. have you showered yet? that is my biggest worry.
    love you!!!


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