Friday, February 18, 2011

Normal life

First off, I just have to let you know (whoever you are) that I am writing all this on my phone because I don't have any other internet access, but still want to post something. So at least act like you like this post, please. :)

Well, it has been about a week since my last post and honestly, nothing terribly exciting has happened. I think "normal life" is settling in; which is good and a little difficult. When there are always things going on and things to do, I don't notice that I am kind of by myself in Africa, seven hours away from my family and closest friends; but when all of that stops, then I notice. Even though those moments can make me feel insecure, I have truly felt tremendous love and support from people here and back in the States. I've been meaning to write this: I have to express how grateful I am for my campus ministry back in Boston - I have felt nothing but ceaseless encouragement from you guys. The package of cards you sent with me has been a continuous source of joy and inspiration, as I often reread them over and over. (And I loved the slow clap video.) ;)

This week on campus was good. It was the first week that I felt like every person I talked to WASN'T quite thrilled to hear about our bible discussion. However, that's not something I'm not used to and plenty of people rejected Jesus, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise. It is really cool though, to be sitting on campus in a bible study and see another bible study going on 50 yards away. As a small ministry at UJ, I really do feel like we are becoming a family and are like-minded in helping people to know God. It never ceases to amaze me that the bible is the same everywhere, that regardless of cultural or financial differences, people really are the same, and that everyone needs God. No matter where you are. If you've never been to another country, you must put it on your list of things to do in the next few years. It will change your life. (And if you're a freshman in varisty...that's university here...or a senior in high school and don't know what to study, look into international relations. It's the best major ever.)

New news: I am moving in with a family on Sunday! I am quite ecstatic about this. As mentioned previously, I am currently living with two other women who are truly wonderful. They have been my first sense of home here and for that I am grateful. But I had always pictured living with a family before I got here. I'm not sure why - perhaps because my family had two college girls live with us while I was in high school and it was fabulous; or because when I lived in Washington, DC for a summer, I also lived with a family and loved it. I think I am an old soul and thoroughly enjoy being with people older than me. (Don't get me wrong - I love and my friends who are my age.) I think, also, that when I don't have my actual family here, I appreciate feeling that at least I have some family here. I like coming home to a home. AND, this family has wifi in their house! Blogging, skyping, facebooking, and just general internet vegging will be so much easier! (And no more writting posts on my phone! My fingers are getting cramps.)

Tomorrow, I am going to kids club again and then to a...LION PARK! How cool is that?! At the park, you drive your car through the park with lions all around. Obviously (or maybe not so obviously?) You do not get out of the car. I've heard you're not even allowed to roll the windows down. And in another part of the park, you can hold lion cubs. Eek! I am so excited. Pictures will come soon, I promise!
I am sure I will have much more to write after this weekend...enjoy yours!


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