Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi friends :)

I hope you're beginning to thaw out if you're in the north and embracing the cooler weather and falling leaves if you're in the south. Here in Johannesburg, it's technically autumn already, but the weather is in this magnificent phase where it's warm during the day and cool at night, and we're still getting summer thunderstorms. It's lovely.

I celebrated my 25th birthday almost two weeks ago. I have to be honest, the day started and ended so wonderfully, but everything in between...well, just didn't feel like a birthday. My husband of almost four months (after getting about four hours of sleep because of studying for a test he had ON my birthday) excitedly woke me up with hugs and kisses and the best smile and presents. He made me coffee and made me feel like March 14th was the most exciting day yet!

The company I work for throws this massive bash each year (approximately 1,000 people), which happened to be on my birthday this year. That's not so bad in-and-of-itself, but we were so busy helping set up and prepare (starting at 7am) that I just kind of forgot throughout the day that it was my birthday.

I got home from all of this at about 8:15pm and husband got home from his exam at about 8:30pm. We got Thai take-away and sat on the couch, eating and talking. (And sometimes just starring into space or at each other, as we were both exhausted.) But there was no one better to do that with. :)

So, I finally did a bit more to celebrate, by going to a French bakery this past weekend with some friends:

Petit Fours. Charming, Enchanting, Pink, Delicious!

Here are a few pictures of the end of my first quarter-century and the start of hopefully another 25. :)


Friends :)

Second moms.

Nicole - one of my bridesmaids and best friends here in SA.

Monika, my new American friend!

Choosing two was hard enough. I easily could have chosen four. (Left: red velvet cake...honestly the best I have ever had! Right: Shortbread cake with dark and white chocolate.)

Nix chose a savory quiche.

Sorry it's blurry. 


  1. North and must mean hemispheres :) Birthdays are a special blessing, made extra special by the friends and family in your life! You deserved it!!


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