Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend/Four-Day Weekend

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter weekend. This past weekend we (here in SA) were blessed to get a four-day weekend! Friday was a national holiday for Good Friday and Monday was a national holiday for...either Easter Monday or Family Day. (I think it's one of those, "they originally made it a holiday for Easter but now they can't make it exclusively a religious holiday, so they decided to make it Family Day". Either way, I'll take it! And which has meant that this week has been a four day week!

Husband and I spent most of the weekend relaxing, eating good food, and watching movies...and then made up for the lack of physical activity on Monday with a 12-15K hike. It was so. great! Sometimes, I can really struggle with sitting inside all day for work, so it really does me good (which means it does the husband good too) to be surrounded by the outdoors.
We went with a large group of friends and their kids (see pictures below); saw weird bugs, and swam in freezing, natural springs (and jumped from high heights to get into them...although I'm lacking pictures of this since I got roped in to jumping too). It was such a wonderful way to spend these last few, glorious summer days! (That actually may have been the last, as it is now cloudy, cold, and a bit windy.) And I personally think being outside is one of the BEST ways to get closer to God; and after Easter Sunday - the conclusion of a week of studying (for me personally) and being reminded of the truly, AMAZING grace we're given when we really do not deserve it - I just felt like I was basking in God's glory and kindness.

How was your Easter weekend? Hope you got some more time off than just two days and are enjoying the oncoming change of seasons. It's refreshing either way (spring or fall). :)

Love from the Southern Hemisphere,

I love the African high veld!

So beautiful!

I love this picture! You could hardly see through the brush and then...Luke appeared!

Crazy, colourful grasshopper.

The water was FREEZING (I'm really not exaggerating) but so refreshing. The boys were the brave ones who went in first.

After the big jump and swim (behind all those rocks) and starting to dry off. 

On our way home, we stopped at this charming restaurant that has been there since 1921! They had dried fishing hanging in the foyer...I'm not sure why and it is a recent addition...that smelled like it had been there since 1921.

View from the restaurant.

A stunning end to a glorious, summer day. 

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