Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ode to Boston

I’m not a Northern girl by birth, but I am at heart. The city of Boston is one of the few places that everyone else knew about, but somehow had escaped me until I was deciding what university to go to. 

I had pretty much always known that I wanted to study international relations, so in my search for a program for that field, I got my heart set on a specific liberal arts school in the suburbs of Boston. My always supportive mother flew with me up to Boston during the fall semester of my senior year in high school to check out a few places. I never ended up going to that liberal arts school, but instead, to the great Boston University. I had thought I may want to move to New York City for university (I would still love to live there at some point), but after living in Boston for five years, I think Boston was the perfect college town and is one of the Northeast’s treasures.

I had actually started writing this "Ode to Boston" quite a ways back and had planned to write it as a "Day in____" feature. I'm sure I will still do that at some point, but in light of recent events, I just felt compelled to share some pictures of the city that I came to love so dearly. My heart breaks as I look at pictures from yesterday's marathon and as I think about my friends who ran it (but are ok, praise the Lord), and the fact that I can't be there. I know me being there would do absolutely nothing, but I'm sure I could do more than I feel I can do from all the way here in South Africa. 

I don’t seem to get back there much these days, but I would in a heartbeat given the opportunity. The city of Boston and the friends...really, family...I built there over my time in college, irrevocably changed my life for the better. Please keep them all in your prayers. And I hope these pictures help you to see the joy that exists throughout the city of Boston.


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