Thursday, April 11, 2013

My major award

So this week, something terribly exciting happened to me...

I won!

And I never win anything. No seriously.

(PS - This will probably not be that exciting to you, and I know it's silly that I'm this just bare with me.)

Every day when I drive home from work at 5 o'clock, one of the radio station's here in Joburg (94.7 Highveld Sterio) does something called "Joburg's Most Wanted". You email in six songs - 3 "old school", 3 "new school" - and if they pick you, you win! And what do you win, you may ask?

Well, they play three of your songs on the radio and then you win a two night stay at a four-star hotel, with spa treatments, a round of golf, and dinner. And I. WON! It was the perfect booster to my day because I was quickly coming down with the flu and after the excitement and adrenaline wore off, the aches and pains of the flu set in anyway.

Almost better though, and soon, hubby and I get to have a FREE getaway!

How is your week going? I think the change in weather has lots of bugs going around - stay healthy!


PS - And how ironic that my winning post is also Days of Gumption's 100th post! Happy Birthday?!

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