Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Finest

Hi all!

What a week it has been. I think everyone probably needs a bit of a rest this weekend. We don't have much planned; although, I plan to do some deep cleaning in my closet which is actually a big project.

So, to lighten the mood for everyone, here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week.

Have a restful weekend with ones you love.


I'm sure many of you saw this post from Joanna Goddard and I think it is just brilliant. It's becoming fall over here, which I think is another perfect season for picnics. I'd love to pack some Woolies soup, fresh bread, and hot chocolate!

I'm not sure when or how it happen, but I am in love with lanterns in the house. This post features some stunning in house lanterns. We have the ones pictured below hanging in our house (I need to take a better picture), which were actually used as centerpieces at our reception.

PS - That top lantern makes me think of classic, African safaris and the luxury tented camps I found this week online. I am DYING to go!

And something to watch...

A co-worker showed me this Dove ad recently...have you seen it? I think it's so great! Combined with this post by friend Alexandra, I've been thinking a lot about perception versus reality. No matter how much we may love Facebook, Pinterest, etc, I do think we need to appreciate our lives (and ourselves) exactly the way they are! Sometimes these platforms can help us to do that, and other times they just bog you down with everything you think your life isn't but should be. I hope this reminds you to step away from the lies and deception "out there" and love what you have in front of you...

Especially the people. In light of events this week, I also wanted to share this article. Boston is near and dear to my heart, and recent events have reminded me to cherish and love my family and friends so much more.

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
- 1 Peter 4:8

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