Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our wedding - The Dress

I am so excited about this post because I absolutely LOVE(D?) my wedding dress! And lucky me: I get to wear it AGAIN in just three months (for our US reception)! :)

G and I got engaged in May and in June I flew home for three weeks. My mom, a best friend, and I went wedding dress shopping while I was there, but more to have the experience together. I had the attitude of, "If  I find one great; if not, great - I'll get one back in SA". But I did find one! And I fell so in love with it. It was completely different that what I thought I wanted. When I tried on a few styles similar to what I originally pictured, I just felt like I was going to prom - not like a bride. But this Pronovias gown truly made me feel stunning and like a bride - I felt like I was floating!

Here are pictures and other details about the whole look, if you'd like to see. :)  (And PS - it was so hard for me to choose which pictures to use here! Hope you don't get bored. ;)



I loved the sweetheart cut - thought it was the most flattering! The top of my dress, just along the edge had feathers; subtle enough not to be crazy, but enough to be an intricate detail you'd only notice if you looked closer.  

My something borrowed were my earrings: borrowed from my South African mom! :)

I wore the ring on the right on my right hand - it was my grandmother's and my parents gave it to me when I was baptized. Gordon's and my rings are on the left.

My mom made my garter; I choose a Scottish tartan since G's paternal  family is Scottish. The  clutch held my make up and mints - my brother gave it to me for Christmas one year. 

The back. (It took forever to get on and get off!)

I choose to wear flats because although I love heels, I was terrified that that would be the day that I tripped and fell.  Plus I just fell in love with these Vera Wang White ballet flats and still where them today!

And I had my toes painted a fun red. :)

I wore my mom's veil. It was so special! When she asked if I would consider wearing it, I said sure, but didn't think much about it. We took it with us to try on dresses and when I found this dress, and put the veil on, it was just perfect! Maybe  my daughter (hopefully one day), will wear it too!

The veil had lace, flower appliques at the end, which I decided to leave. I loved that everything about the veil was what my mom wore (well actually, she wore a small cap with hers and I had that removed). 

I wore the veil over my face for my entrance down the staircase, and then when I came to  where my dad was standing, he lifted it, gave me a kiss, and I left it back from that point on. 

During the ceremony.

Yay, we're married!

For the reception, I added these two pieces by Vera Wang White - a sash and hair clip. I love that they looked a bit vintage and gave my dress a different look, without looking like an entirely new dress. 

Hair clip (and dancing with my dad-at top :)


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