Thursday, March 20, 2014

What is your greatest fear?

And I don't mean the dark or spiders. (Although I'm really not a fan of either.)

What is your greatest fear?


What are you so great at or want so badly that it scares you?

I think we all want to be great and believe that we can be (at least at one thing), but are so afraid of being rejected, afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding.

I love seeing people who don't seem to have fear or at least, don't give their fear the time of day. They completely, passionately, and unabashedly pursue their greatness. They understand that they are great. They understand that they will live with every decision they make, so every decision needs to be whole hearted.

I want to be that and live that way.

One of my biggest fears (or dreams?) is having the opportunity to sing, make an album, and/or be in a musical. I tend to think that I've missed my prime for that…and if I am being completely realistic and honest, I probably have. But they (whoever they are) always say that the first step to overcoming something is acknowledgement, right? Acknowledging the fear. Maybe acknowledging that fear of mine won't ultimately land me a record deal, but it will help me make bolder decisions each day. So then, isn't that overcoming?

I watched Katy Perry's documentary/film not that long ago and so enjoyed it! Besides the fact that it was like having a personal concert in my living room, I loved hearing Katy's story. She seems like she lives that way - unafraid and unashamed of trying to live boldly. I'm thankful for Katy Perry's boldness; at the very least, because it's given me some pretty fantastic tunes.

So, what are you afraid of? And what inspires you?

Image one by P. Chis / Image two by The Voracious Filmgoer

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