Monday, July 28, 2014

The Balancing Act

I'm pretty sure almost everyone (at least at some point in life?) struggles to feel that they've got everything balanced. And I suppose when I say "balanced", I even just mean "getting to do a little bit of everything". I think that's what makes me feel balanced: when I have a checklist and I at least get to touch each item somehow.

But I find that most days, either something doesn't get touched at all (i.e.: reading...seriously when do people read a novel?!) or something isn't done to the extent I would like (apply to more jobs, make a healthy dinner).

What's most startling to me is that right now, I probably have more time in my life to do things than I ever will. And yet I can't do it all! How does that happen? I have definitely found that picking three or four priorities for the day, and being content if at least those get done, helps. But I still want to do more.

Can anyone relate? Do you have any good suggestions for "balancing it all"? Or maybe the key is to be OK with not being able to do everything, as much as I hope to?

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