Monday, August 18, 2014

One Day in Juneau, Alaska {Pt.1}

We got back from our vacation to Alaska just over a week ago. It was incredible! We went on a seven day cruise through some of the southern Alaskan islands, with one final stop in Victoria, Canada. I'd like to share some of my photos from the week.

The cruise itself was a fairly typical cruise (except for the outdoor movie theater and zero, cheesy steel drum music...which both made it better than typical), but it was great. I know a lot of people aren't fans of cruises, but if you want to see a lot in a short time, I think they're excellent. And it's definitely nice that all your food is paid for in one shot. (Also, hello 30-whole. I think my whole family will start this soon because we need some serious purging and cleansing.)

We went whale watching in Juneau (pictures to come later) but this was the only killer whale we saw in the whole trip. That fin - see it? I KNOW it was a killer whale. :)

The locals' catch.

We spent one day in Juneau at the beginning of the week. It was lovely! The day started out rainy and misty, but turned in a glorious summer day!

He's so handsome. :)

Juneau was charming. I loved how the mountains surrounded the port and the clouds became an umbrella over everything.


Part two - which includes whales and salmon and glaciers - coming soon! xo

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