Monday, September 8, 2014

The new trust exercise

Remember the trust "game" from when you were younger? You find a parter and take turns falling backwards into each other's arms, trusting that even though you can't see them, they will catch you. (This is what you're NOT supposed to do.)

Well, I have a new version: let your husband trim your bangs. Ok, so I want judge you if you don't really want to participate, but in our case it turned out well.

Not the greatest picture but still, BEFORE


My bangs (or fringe, for my South African and British readers :) needed some trimming and I wanted to try it myself. I bought some scissors, read the appropriate tutorials, but I struggled. I'm not sure if it was my coordination skills or what, but it didn't go great. My bangs didn't turn out that bad, but not good enough that I felt confident going out in public. So before I ran to the hair dresser, hubby was beyond eager to try. And fortunately, or unfortunately, he's kind of good at everything. (I say unfortunately because my pride does not always appreciate that gift.)

He barely trimmed them in the beginning in case the whole ordeal went sour. But after the first round actually went well, I let him keep going. All the while, both of us were secretly praying that this would be a success and not the start of our next fight.

What do you think? I think he did a fantastic job! :)


  1. I'm impressed! Cutting your significant other's hair is a BIG trust exercise :)

    1. Ha, it truly was! Thanks for stopping by, Meg! :)


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