Friday, April 1, 2011


Most of you may not have noticed any particular difference in the last gap between posts and this one, but I sure did. I didn't have internet! It turns out that where I am staying doesn't actually have unlimited internet; we have a certain amount of internet for the month and that's it. And so, we ran out. But it is now April 1st and I'm writing again!

First off, a few updates:
We had our first baptism at UJ since I've been here! A little over a week ago, Alicia, a fourth year at UJ was baptized. It was very exciting and encouraging for all the disciples at UJ and for the church here. It definitely feels like we have a little, growing family here. Here are a few pictures (I tried to upload the video but it took too long):

UJ girls (Irene, Jade, me, Siba, Alicia, Alicia's mom Eudene)

Our UJ family: An, Gordon, Siba, Alicia, me, Obi, Jade, Christian :)

Next...this isn't so much an update as something I have been meaning to say for a while: Did I ever tell you that my car does not have power steering?? I just thought that fact should make you more impressed with my driving skills...and my arm muscles. ;)

I just recently got my transcript from my alma matter, but we are now on a two week holiday. So, hopefully, as soon as school starts back up, I will be able to register for a class. This past Monday, I had a few moments where I laid on my bed staring into space thinking, "I have no idea what to do with myself." Granted,  we are on holiday, so all this time is not the norm, but I've started feeling like I need some sort of intellectual stimulation. I honestly do miss classes (not the tests or the work though) or the kind of research, work I did in internships. I am still so grateful that I have this opportunity to be here in South Africa and help the campus ministry  - helping people know God will always be the most important and meaningful thing I do - but I think I'm looking forward to getting an office type job when this year is over. We'll see though; I've only been here two months, so I can't really make a conclusive decision just yet.

Like I said, most schools and universities are in the middle of a two week holiday right now. And so the family I am living with and (therefore by default) lucky me, are leaving for our own holiday today! We're going to a town called Sabie, near Kruger National Park. If anyone knows anything about South Africa, they usually have heard of Kruger. (Here's the website if you want to check it out: Kruger Park)  I am so excited! I am so excited just to sit by the pool or the river all day and read and sleep, and I am so excited to watch hippos! They have them there and you can watch them cross the river every evening at dusk. I have a feeling what I'll see is much more of what everyone pictures when they think of Africa. I won't be able to blog while I'm there, so stories and pictures will follow soon after we return.

Lastly, I keep getting requests for pictures of my life here; where I live, the UJ campus, etc. So I've put a few below.
UJ - Auckland Campus

Inside campus.
My bed/awkward view of my room

My homemade decorations and pictures, above my dresser (across from my bed).

My "window"

View just to the left of my window/door

View directly outside my room

The Harvey's pool/"garden" (aka, backyard)

I've got a handful of ideas for my next few blog posts, but if there is anything in particular you would like to hear about, know, or see pictures of, please send me requests! We're heading into fall here, but I suspect most of you reading this are heading into spring - I hope it glorious and beautiful and quite refreshing after the brutal the US had. :)

Cheers!   - Ellie (that's the nickname I've acquired here; I rather like it.)

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  1. Hey. I'm in PECOC. Welcome in SA. Glad you love Mzanzi as much as I do. Sabie has lots of wonderful things to do...spelunking, bungi, waterfall swimming. Go explore.

    Come visit PE sometime. You'd love it here too, smaller than Jozi and much slower. By the beach too.


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