Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I work in Africa

I got a JOB!! In AFRICA!! God is so good!

It's official: I got the letter of offer today and I start working on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, for a company that is one of the largest IT distributors in Southern Africa. I'll be working in the marketing department, which isn't quite international relations, but I really am so excited about this! I started getting cabin fever to the max with nothing to do the past few weeks, so this is God's perfect timing. I'm so thankful. :)

Now, what to wear...

J.Crew - Love this! So classy and timeless. - Love this too! Fashionable, but still means business.

J.Crew - The power suit. I have looked forward to the day when I have a "real" job, solely so I could rationalize buying a J.Crew suit.

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