Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life is scary

So I have been promising updates on my life and I wrote out a bunch that I told myself I was going to post days ago. Obvi, that didn't happen. I was going to post them right now, but this weekend provided some very scary and blog-worthy happenings that took precedence. 

Friday evening, two families that I'm close to here in Joburg (and who live a minute from where I live!) were having dinner together at one of their homes, when three or four men, all with guns (apparently one had a machine gun), broke into the home. They told everyone to lay on the ground while they took their wedding rings, wallets, phones, and whatever else they could find. They also kicked a number of them and knocked a wardrobe on top of one of the fathers. They were trying to find the safe, but this family doesn't own a safe. Thankfully, that was the worst of it. Aside from a few bruises and being shaken up, everyone is ok. Please pray for all of them, especially the kids - for a quick (mostly emotional) recovery. 

That next morning, though, the neighbors next to my house were also broken into! While they were home! The perpetrators were never actually seen in that case. 

Needless to say, it has been an overwhelming and scary weekend. I constantly have to remind myself to pray, "get a grip", and think logically. I feel very safe where I live and the family I'm with has almost every safety precaution you can have here. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing (and has) followed me home at night to make sure I get home safely. All of this, however, just reminds me that the world we live in is not, to simply put it, nice. It is dangerous, anywhere you live, and we all will go through hard and trying times. There is nothing certain accept God. I can't explain why things like what happened this weekend happen, but I still trust that God is good and merciful.

It also makes me grateful for Skittles and happy, kiddie movies like "Finding Nemo" that take my mind off of things. :)

Whew. Well, that was my weekend; how was yours?

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