Friday, February 22, 2013

Our wedding - the ceremony, part 2

In part 1 of our ceremony pictures, I featured the start of the ceremony up until Gordon and I saw each other and were standing together. Today's photos highlight most of the meat of the ceremony - the message and our vows. These really are some of my favorites, as you really see the emotion of the day.
G and I wrote our own vows. It was such a moving and surreal experience to be saying these things (we didn't tell each other our vows before hand) to each other, in front of so many people we love - and it was real! It was happening!
Throughout our whole relationship and engagement, there were times when I wondered, "Am I sure?" "Is this God's plan?" Not because I didn't love G with all my heart, or because there was someone else I was thinking of - not at all! But because it is SUCH a big decision. And as we stood there, vowing these words to each other, and has they now hang on a wall in our house, and as we grow in our marriage and our love for each other, I only become more and more convinced that I married the right person. I married my best friend, the man I am and have been in love with, and the person who helps me grow the most spiritually and will get me to Heaven.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)


We had a moment in our ceremony where we turned around and thanked our parents for their love and support and guidance and exchanged hugs. We were going to give the moms roses, but somehow those went missing. I'm actually so glad we did this. It was so wonderful to hug them and I think it meant a lot to them. And to take this brief moment out of the normal order of things really helped me to take it all in.

I love how expressive he is!

I feel like this one of the various moments where I thought, "Oh my gosh, this is real!"

I loved these photos of our parents. :)


  1. Ahhh! I'm obsessed with your life.
    These were beautiful :')

  2. Haha, thanks Caroline! You've got a pretty great life too, you know!


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