Thursday, February 14, 2013

True love

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, yesterday I had written most of this post and thought I would be ahead for the day, but then a few thoughts came up last night that I thought I should share and, to be honest, are a bit more meaningful than what I had previously planned.

We have a church service every other Wednesday night - more of a workshop - and right now, we're in a series on marriage. Last night's lesson was great and really left me with a lot to think about, but one particular thought has stuck with me so strongly.

"Love never fails." - 1 Corinthians 13:8

It's not a new statement. It's not revolutionary. And the Bible does not talk about love in the "happily ever after" way that our society portrays in movies, books, etc. Love that the bible speaks about  - true, real love - is selfless. It is sacrificial. It initiates. It holds onto nothing bad and it never looks to its own interests. It really isn't glamorous. And that's why it never fails; because it is always better to be loving, to be giving, to be selfless. Even when I'm hurt or confused or my feeling are off, showing love to my husband and others is the best option. It always works.

You might be sitting there thinking, "duh", but I have found this to be a powerful reminder that I am trying to apply every day. And in light of what has happened in South Africa today (have a look here if you're not's so sad), I feel desperate to cling to the good and to love - to love despite my feelings indicating otherwise. The world needs real love - selfless, sacrificial, self-controlled love.

So, I thought this was a more appropriate thought on love than the below, and it applies to everyone - single or not. :) The below is still fun, nonetheless, and I would like to share, if you'd still like to read.

Growing up, my mom always made Valentine’s Day special in little ways. We’d come home from our days to a dinner table set with a red table cloth, one red, heart-shaped balloon tied to each of our chairs, and a small heart-shaped basket in front of our dinner plate that would have a few small presents – candy, pens, those wash-clothes that open when you put them in water. It wasn't anything extravagant, but it made the day special regardless of what happened the rest of the day – regardless of if I had “a valentine” or not. I think I always liked Valentine’s Day, but felt like I needed to be a typical girl and wallow in self-loathing and rom-coms.
As I got older, it became more of a day where I (subconsciously and/or secretly) had an excuse to daydream without guilt about my future Mr. Darcy and where he may be and what he could be like. (Please tell me someone else did/does feel that way?) As well as bake lots of brownies and continue watching rom-coms with my girlfriends.

Now, being married – yes it’s nice to have an automatic date, but – I think what I love most about Valentine’s Day is just basking in the love of simple things: red (love anything red!), extra sweets and chocolates (actually, this happens all year long for me), the Valentine’s Day soundtrack (have you heard it? so fun!), and stormy summer days (in the southern hemisphere. If I was living in the Northeast still, this would be the hope of approaching, warm spring days).

So, what little things are you loving right now? And jumping back to the more serious side of love: what do you find most challenging about practicing real love?

Here are a few of my loves right now and my Mr. Darcy. :) 

Lots of love,

Milk-chocolate covered marshmallows. I CAN'T STOP eating them!

Closet inspiration. I'm trying to choose things I pin on Pinterest and actually  finds ways to do them at home. I loved this multipurpose closet...we'll see if I can incorporate this at home. ;) You can find picture on my "Nesting" board on Pinterest. 

Summer thunderstorms. Miami looks like this in the summer, so I'm so lucky to have moved somewhere that has similar summer weather. We're in the peak of it right now and have probably has this picture happen three times this week, already! That picture shows the Johannesburg skyline. 

I fell in love the first time I saw these! Pictures of my attempt to bake them coming soon!. :) You can the link to this recipe  under my "Sweet tooth" board on Pinterest. 

My mother actually introduced me to this website and again,  instant love. They do online and paper invitations that  are just stunning!

My Mr. Darcy :)

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