Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Class vs. Economy

Is it worth it?

As I briefly mentioned in my great Christmas surprise, I won a free upgrade to "upper class" on Virgin Atlantic Airways! It was Christmas Eve and the Virgin staff decided to have a competition: briefly sing a Christmas song in front of everyone, as boarding takes place, and you could win a free upgrade. So, I did. And I won! And oh was it worth it!

The 15 minutes of nerves were nothing compared to the six hours of complete and restful sleep I got, as I flew from Johannesburg to London. And the food was definitely better. And the duvet cover. And the foot rest. And the pajamas. (Yes! Pyjamas!?)

But is it worth it? To my great embarrassment, I seriously struggled being back in economy the other three legs of my trip (London - Miami; Miami - London; London - Johannesburg.) I could hardly sleep, my TV set thing didn't work (on one leg), and there are no free pyjamas. (Ok, that's actually fine.) But in all seriousness, the upper class tickets are about FOUR times as much as the economy tickets! (I just had a mild heart attack.) Really, go check. I could probably plan a whole additional holiday for that price.

Even though upper/first class makes travelling long distances UNBELIEVABLY comfortable and luxurious, do you think it's really worth it?

I kind of can't decide.

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