Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Christmas around the world

If you were busy being festive and celebrating Christmas, you might have missed that I ended up going home to the US on Christmas Day and surprising my family. I traveled almost as long as I spent in Florida - four days. I flew from Joburg to London, London to Miami - four days in Miami - Miami back to London, London back to Joburg, and THEN Joburg to George. In George, my wonderful husband picked me up and we drove an hour to join his family in Plettenberg Bay. It was all a bit of a whirlwind, but just so wonderful. The above picture was from a walk on the beach I took with my family in Miami; it was quite a cloudy, drizzly day. Here are some more pictures, if you'd like to see.


After Christmas shopping with my brother (left) and South African brother (right)! The family I lived with for two years here in SA were in the US over December and stayed with family for a week.

We went to the Florida Keys and found this visor that gave my dad hair. Ha!

Sunset in the Florida Keys. No editing. :)

Brotherly love.

My South African sister.

My niece with her first pickle. She wouldn't bite it. 

Plettenberg Bay. We went to a different beach the next day and saw a seal swimming in the surf!

The most amazing husband in the world who made all this possible!


A sneak peak of something extraordinary I got to do! :)

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