Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maybe these are funny because I'm so sick?

Hi all!

Well, this week has been a blogging bust. Monday was a public holiday here in South Africa, so hubby and I spent the morning driving back from Durban (which was such a wonderful trip! more on that later), and then spent the afternoon playing tennis (him) and being sick (me). I was hoping I just needed some rest and I would be back to normal, but alas, I have tonsilitis (sp?) and only went back to work today. And I still don't even feel great! I thought being home might give me some extra blogging time, but I was finished. I slept the majority of the time or watched Downton Abbey and Prison Break. (I know, we're so behind.)

Since I'm still trying to recover (and on the tails of pun intended), I'll scratch this week out, leave you with some hilarious and creepy bunny pictures (hope you enjoy these - I literally cried from laughing so hard), and see you Monday. :)

Have a fantastic weekend!


You can see all of these awesomely creepy pictures here.

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