Thursday, April 3, 2014

26 Years

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday. It was wonderful birthday day, thanks to my darling husband and some fantastic girlfriends who came over for a Pinterest party! And birthday-weekend (I like to stretch it out) was so lovely - it included an African dinner at the coolest restaurant (with African face painting! above) and movies with friends. :)

Here are some pictures if you'd like to see.

Everyone brought either a craft or recipe (well, the actual food) that was found on Pinterest. We made the crafts and ate the food. :)

Some made pillow cases.

We all ate lots of food and drank white sangria. That yellow, circle looking thing at the bottom of this picture is a Nutella cake with custard on top! So good!

I brought postcards and sewing materials to make the below. It's supposed to be this. 

It obviously didn't come out quite the same, but it was fun trying. :)

Others made headbands out of old t-shirts. 

Or just goofed around. :)

At the African dinner hubby took me to, we sat in this little enclave that looked out into the rest of the restaurant.

I hope you get the was so cool!

And then I got my face painted!

And just one more that you can actually see well...

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me. It means so much. Here's to another spectacular year!


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