Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things I'm going to miss about South Africa, Part 3

Just a few more...

Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. I don't know if we have these in the States...they're not anything exotic, just a marshmallow coated in chocolate...but they are SO GOOD. I honestly could eat a whole box. And even if this kind of thing does exist in the US, Woolworths does not and Woolies' ones are the best. (It's not normal for them to have Hello Kitty on the packaging, just FYI.)

Fresh fruit juice, fruits, veggies, and free range everything. Sugar is just not added so much here, nor are GMO's as common as in the US. I know you can get organic, free-range food in the States, but it's still fairly expensive right? Here, fresh is just the way it is.

Typical/generic African "things". I know this is cliche and very American, but I don't care. I love African prints. I love seeing women carry massive amounts of stuff on their heads. I love hearing music like (this). African culture truly is one that is raw, vibrant, and infectious.

Painting our house before we moved in.

About to turn our first TV on, for the first time. I know, silly, newly married things.

Planting flowers in our garden. 

Our first home. South Africa is where my husband and I met. It's where we got to know each other, began to build a friendship and a life, and where we had our first home. It's nothing big: a small cottage with a living room, a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and small garden. But it's been perfect. We've bought a few things that were big purchases for us, but a lot of our stuff has been second hand. It's been so much to paint our house, rearrange furniture, cook together, and just start off our life in this little cottage. I know one day we may look back and wonder how we lived in such a small place (especially when kids come along), but I will truly always cherish our time here.

Love South Africa.

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