Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travelling with a dog: pre-experience

As mentioned yesterday all the time, we are leaving so soon for our great, big adventure. There is still a lot of packing and clearing out to be done, but one member of the three musketeers is so ready and he doesn't even know it.


We, of course, have to bring our precious basset hound with us. We've got his crate (and he's used to it!), his shots are up-to-date, and we've booked his last appointment for the final physical exam he's required to get just before we head out. We are so glad he's coming with us, but let me forewarn anyone wanting to move long distance (especially cross-continent) with a pet: it is a mission. He's expensive, he's not a normal size package to transport, and he has no clue what is going on...so he's not particularly helpful.

We have decided to go with a pet-travel company because it seems like the safer and better option. By safer I mean, safe in terms of guaranteeing that there are no issues getting Rolo to the airport, on the plane, and through customs in the US. The cost was a couple thousand Rands more (a couple hundred dollars), than if we tried to go through the whole process ourselves; so, we thought it's worth the expense. Basically, we say ciao to the long dog when the company picks him up at our house (first-class service, I tell you) and then again once we're in Miami, ready to take him home. We provide the company with the documents assuring that he has all the correct shots, but they work out everything else.

They are also kind enough to give poor Rolo an herbal, calming drug thing. The vet said that they don't sedate animals for this kind of trip (which I thought is what would happen) because they then loose their ability to balance; but they do give this calming thing just to help them relax a bit. I hope it works. The vet also said that really, the whole event is quite traumatic for the little boy, but once he's in his new home with food, fun, and lots of love, he won't even remember the whole ordeal.

Practicing his stretching for the big trip.

I'll let you know how the process goes once we're on the other side (that sounds weird, like sixth sense weird). Good luck, Mr. World Traveller!


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