Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly links & The first of the farewells

Happy Friday, all! Tomorrow is my last day of work and this afternoon, the serious packing/de- constructing of home begins. Lots going on. So, here are few links from the web this brain just needs to veg.


LOVE this top! A must for the summer that we're heading into.

Beautiful wedding inspiration that I enjoyed just staring at this week. (And this one. So stunning!)

A DIY I'm dying to try!

Stained wood wall inspiration for when we finally get our own place again!

Another DIY we're going to do in the US, to keep the African influence around. :)

And because life is all about the move right now, here's a great article on how to make big moves a little easier.

PS - Thank you to our weekly, bible discussion group for the extremely sweet farewell last night. The tears have started. We love you guys. 

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