Friday, June 27, 2014

Dinner: The Playbook - Turkey Parm Meatballs

Meal two of the Playbook Challenge: Chicken Turkey parmesan meatballs. (With a photobombing basset < probably my favorite part of this cooking venture.)

These were a total hit! I thought they were good, but normal good, to be honest. My husband thought they were incredible! Jenny's recipe is actually for chicken parm meatballs, but I wanted to try turkey instead. They turned out great!

It was a hands-on recipe, but I kind of enjoyed that. :)

They were truly, very easy and plenty filling. I did my usual olive oil-roasted broccoli for a side. I'd love to make these as a snack for a party.

The hubs really loved them that much. (And see the fat basset in the back?)

And one more...

Last Playbook challenge meal tonight! Asian slaw with chicken.

Sounds like the perfect summer meal.

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