Monday, June 2, 2014

Things I'm going to miss about South Africa, Part 1

Welcome to June, everyone! I'm not sure what this week looks like for you or what all is going on in your life (I hope wonderful, warm things!) but the turn of the month over this past weekend marked some big things over here and it tends to feel like life is picking up speed at a slightly staggering speed.

June is our leaving month. We leave South Africa to move to the United States in just 15 days! (Seriously, when did that happen?!)

This first week in June is my last week of work here in SA. I work at a high school that follows an American school schedule, so the school year actually ends this week too. It's a bit exhausting and oh so exciting.

June means summer. Not in South Africa, but in the northern hemisphere; and since we are headed that way, that is something to get excited about.

As the end of this chapter of my life draws to a close, I constantly find myself identifying things I am going to miss (and, I have to admit, a few things I am not going to miss). So, I thought I would start sharing a few of them with you. Family and friends are a given (that we will miss them all terribly), so for the no particular order...

Thunderstorms. I'm from Florida and we have some pretty good thunderstorms in the summer, but Johannesburg truly has some of the most spectacular displays of booming thunder and lightening flashes that I have ever seen. I love when the clouds steadily start to build up more in November and slowly but surely, you have images like the above, every day. I'm going to miss that.

Going to the movies: it is CHEAP here! Hubby and I often go to a particular theatre for which we have a club card type of thing, which makes our movies tickets R25 each! That's approximately $2.36 US dollars! Last time I went to the movies in the States, I think tickets were about $12 each. Sigh. There goes our movie watching.

Ok, so I feel like this one is selfish and snobby but I can't help it. I am totally going to miss having a housekeeper. Our wonderful cleaning lady only comes once a week, but just that one day a week means I pretty much never do laundry, I do serious cooking and baking on Thursday (and Wednesday, if I'm pushing it) because I can decide to not wash the dishes, and once a week I get to walk into a perfectly pristine home as if someone from Hogwarts had just passed through my house. It's divine. And I suppose I can add to this general category of cleaning: missing having someone to wash your lunch tupperware at work before you go home for the day.
Oh geez, I am in for such a rude awakening.

There are many more things we'll miss and a lot we're looking forward to! I'll definitely be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Oh, and something I will NOT miss: South African taxis. Unless you've been to SA, you truly cannot appreciate comprehend the chaos that is the South African taxi system - especially of Johannesburg. I shared this picture on Friday of my view to work, for 25 minutes out of the 45 minutes it took me to get to work that day: taxis creating their own lanes and cutting into the two that do exist. God bless US traffic laws and public transportation systems - I've never been so excited to follow and utilize them!

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