Monday, June 9, 2014

Two years ago today

Two years ago today, my amazing husband proposed to me. It was such an exciting, nerve-racking, romantic time, and the most wonderful start to the rest of our lives. I love looking back on our pictures of the actual proposal but especially our engagement pictures - which I realized I never shared much of on the blog.

We choose our photographers, Carolien and Ben, because of how they utilize natural night. But the day we scheduled our engagement photos, it ended up being extremely cloudy, rainy, and cold. We figured we'd find a cute umbrella as a prop and just go with it. But as we drove to the field where we did the shoot, the sky cleared and the sun light shown so beautifully - really, Carolien said it was probably some of the best of her career. So, here are a handful of the shots if you'd like to see.

It's been an incredible adventure so far and I can't believe we're embarking on the next big one, next week. Here's to many more years! Love you, sweety.

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