Friday, May 30, 2014

Have a great weekend!

Hi everyone! It's Friday, yay! (Is it a good thing that I'm always glad when Friday comes around or does that mean something bad?) Next week is my last week of work before we move to the US (crazy!), so this weekend, I'm starting to get things organized and packed. What do you have planned this weekend? I have to say, I am getting so excited to travel into summer! Here are a few links from the web this week and a few photos from my week.

The photo above was of my hubby and Rolo trying to fix something. Rolo is so extremely helpful around the house.

This blog is fantastic! Dessert recipes that only make enough for two people - JUST what I need!

So in love with this shower curtain! (Already thinking ahead for when we get a house in the States:)

I thought the story of this woman in Sudan is very inspiring! Almost a real life martyr.

Along with being excited for summer, I'm getting excited to be able to shop at Target again! Can't wait to get some summer sandals like these.

And this week, the traffic has just been disastrous! This picture was what I stared at for about 25 minutes one morning:

I seriously dislike South African taxis (that's what the bus looking things are). Beautiful sunrise though.:)

Have a great weekend!

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