Monday, May 19, 2014

Good Life

Have any of you seen this video? I just found it this weekend and love it! (It's made by the same guy who did this video.)

I'm learning more and more that what makes or defines a "good life" is relative. Living in South Africa (no matter how cliche it may sound) has opened my eyes to so much in the world: to how the majority of the globe lives and what so many others have and don't have. It also has shown me the "so much" that I have and it often has nothing to do with the things in our home.

I went for weekly therapy last year for a few months. Amongst the many things I learned, one of the most important, that I still strive to put into practice every day, is to see the good. I can look at my life and either see a) that we leave amongst (what's the stat again?) the richest 10% of the world, b) we live in a little cottage are selling everything to move and therefore hardly have any money (or anyTHING for that matter!), or c) I have a relationship with God, a loving husband, and we're both growing individually and as a couple - we also have an adorable dog who is more like a little person. I have a wonderful family (both immediate and in-lawed) and a salary from a job that I don't dread everyday (which I also have had before). What more could I ask for?

I wrote about contentment last week and part of being content is seeing the good. I love this video because it shows that "the good" is relative; relative to what you decide to see as good. Many may look at the people in this video and see so much that is different, so much that may seem worthy of sympathy or pity or charity. But a good life is everywhere; no matter where you live, what you wear, how you dance, or how you get from one place to another. There is always good to be seen and to celebrate.

Happy Monday! :)

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