Thursday, May 22, 2014

Emotions of moving

Last night, hubby and I had our last dinner outside in our little garden. The reason it's the last is because someone is buying our patio furniture set and it's being collected today. With our big move being just around the corner, it is so weird what things trigger my heart and start making me emotional. Saying goodbye to this furniture set is one of them.

Before we got married, but after we decided that we would move into the place we still currently live, hubby secretly began working on the garden. It was previously so covered in trees and overgrown plants that virtually zero sunlight came into the house. As a massive natural light lover, this was a big deal to me. So, hubby started clearing out all the weeds and overgrown-ness, and actually built the roof-thing with twinkle lights that you see below and had the furniture set designed with a professional metal-worker. The whole things was such a wonderful surprise, but little did I realize just how much it would mean to me to have our own little area to sit outdoors.

 Laser eyes.

We've had many dinners as just the two of us out there, lots of "braais" (South African bbq), and numerous times just sitting out there reading, praying, and meditating. It gets me emotional to start saying goodbye to our life here (even if it's just from a silly furniture set). But our little garden has been such a blessing. and I can't wait to see what other blessings lie ahead in our big adventure.


PS - We also said goodbye to our little, white car, Nemo. Despite his various problems, he has chugged along for a while. I'm not quite as emotional to say goodbye to him; as you may or may not be able to see, some bumpers may or may not be coming off. And as the hubs said, "He's now out in the big blue."


  1. I am happy that your time in South Africa was so impactful. It would have been sad to leave there with no emotions, even if over patio furniture. You and Gordon will make many more wonderful memories in the States. You've made the big move before - for me it was really good to see that physical things ate not nearly as important as friends, family and spiritual things. Good luck. It is such a bitter sweet time. Continue blogging - you are a wonderful writer!

    1. Thanks, Rene! That's all very encouraging.

  2. All very normal feelings. You will come back, but you will never quite be the same Elizabeth as when you went. So many big life events have happened in South Africa, so a piece of you will always remain. And to think that 'all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be' Enjoy the journey... :)

    1. I definitely could never have imagined it all. Thank you. :)


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